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Living in the city during a Toronto summer can really make you sweat after a long, Canadian winter. It can cause you to do crazy things, such as asking that neighbour you hate if you can swim in their pool, but why not just have your own?

Pools.ca only lists the top swimming pool contractors in Toronto, who are ready to starting digging your new outdoor pool! These local custom pool builders specialize in designing a pool suited for your backyard space with creativity and innovation, using only quality materials. Our website lists real reviews written by clients of these local pool contractors, allowing you to learn about their experiences. Don’t let affordability stand in the way of your dream, because you can check the price directly on our website, simply by clicking the “Get a Quote” button! So stop begging your neighbours and dive into your own, new pool!

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Our pool/spa was installed in 1988 by Solda Pools in a very timely fashion and quality. Since then, we have used Solda Pools exclusively for all of our pool and spa service needs including yearly openings and closings. Due to the original excellent quality of our pool and equipment, our service need... Read More >
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I just love the colour of the Cayman Isle Marbelite.. It's so beautiful! I love their colour selections.. but this one is my favorite!
If you are interested in getting your concrete swimming pool renovated, please contact us so we can give you a quote. Everything from renovating your... Read More >
Established in 1985, Solda Pools Ltd. was founded out of the hard work and business acumen of Frank, Peter and John, the Solda brothers, who are invol... Read More >