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Excellent Customer Service

By: non-member | August 11, 2016

We bought a pool from Mermaid last year - since then we have had a lot of problems with the now discontinued Salt and Swim Chlorinator. My husband is extremely handy and was able to fix the issues - until tonight ! We came home from work and the compression fittings had once again blown off and couldn't be fixed. We were panicking as we are to leave on vacation in the morning! We went into the Ogilvie location - the service we received from Scott (salesman) was excellent. We called Phil Morneau who sold us the pool last year and he not only remembered us but he called us back within a few minutes. Between Scott, Phil and Peter (the Hayward rep) they figured out how to adapt a fitting from a different system to finally resolve our issues! We couldn't be happier and the best part is that it saved us well over $1700! We can leave on vacation in the morning without worry! Thank you so much to Scott and Phil, your service was truly excellent! - Josee and Patrick

First Class People, Excellent...

By: harjmann | July 1, 2016

The best company I've worked with in all my dealings with London and Area pool and spa installers. Alex, Martin and their team are energetic, professional and cost effective. Moreover, they deliver additional value by reason of their experience and ability to anticipate site specific issues before they arise. Their expertise and courteous staff are a welcome addition to any renovation project, from the standard installation to the complete customized solution.H

Atlantis Pools

23550 Highbury Avenue North London, ON

category: Pools - Contractors

Worst customer service from frank

By: Roses45 | June 21, 2016

I wouldn't give them any stars if it wasn't for the girl that worked girl she was interested in what I was saying and was understanding but then she called a man named frank to help me and it seemed that I interrupted something cause he was the worst customer service I have received he wasn't helpful at all with any of my questions , at a time he made me feel like I was an idiot and didn't answer any questions I had ,I showed him pictures of my pool and pump and he looked away and said ya and , more or less he didn't want to help me with anything I left more confused then anything all my questions weren't answered and I would not recommend going there and talking to frank he was useless and can't believe they would have him there to make people feel uncomfortable going into the store

Tav Pools & Water Kingdom

5-1271 Simcoe St N Oshawa, ON

category: Pools - Contractors

No regard for my property

By: kebauman | June 18, 2016

My neighbor is currently having pool installed by Pioneer Pools,they made a mess of my yard.
I was told they would remove 3 sections of fence, tractor smashed 2 more sections off and hit out deck in the process.
I guess remove means smash posts off and cover it all up to give the tractor operator more room to use my backyard, my neighbour is a good guy and I know he will take care of me, but the Pioneer Family Pools Kitchener ...
they don,t care, they they are getting payed.

Pioneer Family Pools

1176 Victoria St N Kitchener, ON

category: Pools - Contractors

Do not buy here!!!

By: sald | June 8, 2016

Consumers and in ground pool buyers beware! Steve Fultz of Metroplex Pools is at it again. Steve Fultz is posing as a legitimate in ground pool business operating in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Mr Fultz and his previous business, Steve Brown Used Cars, screwed over many innocent, hard working consumers that put their trust in him. Steve Fultz was convicted and did time in the federal prison system. The business, Metroplex pools operating in the Dallas Fort Worth area was started in August 2015. Swimming pool customers are honest, hard working families that need to know this manu2019s history. Consumers, ask yourself the following questions. Do you want a convicted felon that has done hard time in Federal prison in your home? If you buy a pool from Steve Fultz will he pay the sales tax? (Remember, if he does not pay it the Homeowner is responsible) Does he pay taxes? ( If the feds seize his assets in the middle of a project, the homeowner will have to fight...


customrr service

By: dsparacino | May 31, 2016

I have to say that this is probably the worse pool company in all of Durham region, I called them to open my pool like I do every year, so on a Saturday they sent two young guys who by the looks of them they had no clue what they where doing, I had to prepay for the opening and paid extra because I have a spill over tub into the pool, so they proceed to open it when it came to the spill over they had no clue and they for some reason popped it out of the ground when the proceed ed to pit it back into the ground they put it in in level so now I had water spilling over the back of it, when I called them to complain the service Manager said it wasn't there responsibility to fix it that I would have to pay more to get them to come back after a whole lot of arguing I agreed to pay the fee that he requested he said they would be out to fix it on Wednesday that was 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting, after all the money I have giving them over the years this how they treat loyal customers. I would never use or recommend starling to anyone by far the worse pool company

Starling Pools

1645 Dundas St E Whitby, ON

category: Pools - Contractors


By: shelleyhussey28 | May 30, 2016

We have been customers for almost 20yrs now and the staff have always been helpful and informative. We have recommended family and friends and a couple family members have purchased pools from here and were supper happy with the quality and of course the exceptional service!!! We recently purchased a HOT TUB from Robert Korycki during the closed door sale and are anxiously awaiting the delivery of the hot tub. Robert is extremely knowledgeable and helped us choose the right hot tub for our needs.
Hussey Family

Discounter's Pool & Spa Warehouse

140 Centennial Parkway N. Hamilton, ON

category: Pools - Contractors


By: SenorGancho | April 1, 2016

When we moved into the city buying a house with a pool seemed like a good idea. And then the reality of the maintenance chores hit us. After several years we finally took the 'plunge' and got JetStream to do all of our maintenance, including the opening and closing.
Fast, professional and consistent. The water throughout the summer has consistently been bright and clear. Start up and shut down go off without a hitch and they are very responsive to our needs.
Perhaps the biggest plus was the recommendation and installation of a custom fit safety cover. Fantastic! No longer do we have the spring duck pond of sludge and leaves. Instead, when the snow melts all that is left is this attractive green cover and any debris on top is easily blown off. This was a game changer.

Jetstream Pools

Winnipeg, MB

category: Pools - Contractors

Very happy

By: Dale & Patty Alder | March 23, 2016

We purchased a Sundance hot tub aprox 5 yrs ago and have been very happy with the service we have received. We have had to replace small things along the way but have found everyone very helpful in looking after us. Also very comforting that we can always get our free water test when needed. Recently a friend asked about where we purchased our hottub and we highly recommended aquatech. Thanks for the great service.


Great customer service!

By: non-member | March 23, 2016

The service you will recieve at Taunton pools is second to none. Nick in particular is a true pleasure to deal with. It is very clear this true professional actually cares about the customer and making them happy. Nick Is EXACTLY what customer service should be. Hats off to you Nick! The world needs more of you!

Taunton Pools

133 Taunton Rd W #6 Oshawa, ON

category: Pools - Contractors


By: non-member | March 21, 2016

I have been dealing with Splash Works for over 15 years and have always received great service. Over the years I have purchased and have had them install and new pump and filter and a new liner as well as a safety cover. I purchased the heat pump last year and so glad that I did because we swam so much more than the year before. The staff is always friendly and they take the time to explain how to help me fix my water when I have problems. My son also shops there and enjoys the service as well and they have great sales on chlorine!

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