Pool Costs

We’ve taken a look at the top Canadian Pools retailers’ range of prices so you know what to expect when requesting a free estimate for your hot tub project.

Pools Costs

Swimming pools are one of the most expensive additions you can make to your home so it’s important to do your research and find one that is right for your budget. The size of your pool will determine how much you’ll be spending on its upkeep, so make sure that you choose a size that fits within your budget before you start to build. Another thing to consider when picking out a swimming pool is whether or not you want a saltwater or chlorine pool. Saltwater pools tend to be more expensive because they require special equipment, but they are also more difficult to maintain because of the salt in the water. Chlorine pools, on the other hand, are much easier to maintain and keep clean, making them a good option if you have children who could end up getting into things like sand. Another thing to keep in mind when picking out a swimming pool is whether or not it will be accessible for people with disabilities or those who may need extra help getting in and out of the pool. If you have any questions about your swimming pool options or maintenance costs, contact a local pool service company for more information.